Toppik Hair Building Fibers 27.5 Grams Black Color!! Brand new Bottle

Toppik hair building fibers Toppik hair building fibers are made in USA and comes with sealed pack bottle as indicated in the picture. What it does?Get ready for the Whole new look because hair fibers can actually change your personality with the boost of confidence. How it works?It contains micro fibers which are similar in nature of our hair, it bonds perfectly with human hair as these are charged with static energy and remains undetectable. How to apply?1 1. Make sure your hairs are completely dry.2 2. Open Toppik bottle and sprinkle on thinning hairs slowly until thin hairs are covered. Donít sprinkle too much, use only required quantity.3 3. Apply comb gently such that it should not touch your scalp and style your hair. Sprinkle again if required and let it settle.4 4. If it falls on ears or forehead then clean it with cotton cloth. DOUBTS AND QUERYIn case of any doubts and query please feel free to contact on ebay and you will be answered in few hours.