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Use Silver Shooting Star to find items which sell. You can use any of the Research Menu items namely Research->Items, Research->Categories or Research->Sellers to gain insights on what's selling.


Once you have a basic idea of what sells. You can Evaluate if that will work for you. In some cases you will be able to source that item for a lesser price and in some cases you will not be able to source the item at all. Once your evaluation is complete you should start selling.


Once you start listing, you will find that some of your items sell better than others. You then need to optimize the prices and other item listing details like title and description to make sure all listings are optimal.

Research Items

Use this to find what sells most on eBay India. To start with you can browse through the thousands of products page by page. You can also choose to search using the search box. The top Global Stats show you current database stats, the most important being Sell Through Rate. If the sell through rate is 20% then this means that only 2 out of 10 listsings sell. This is global eBay Stats, you need to beat this to become a silver shooting start seller.

Research Categories

Use this menu to browse through the eBay Categories. Please note we are gradually building the database and have started with Elactroncis - Mobiles, Accessories, Computer and Accessories and so on. We will be haing all items form all categories ready for research soon. The best part on ths page is this: It gives you clear idea of hot selling categories. You can see the numbers against every category, which is a guiding factor of whats selling. You can click on that number to find all top selling items form that category.

Research Sellers

This is the most interesting of all. You can use this to mimic your competotior. You can actually see all essential details about any eBay seller in our database. You can see what they sell, how much they sell and at what price they are selling in a easy to view format. You can also see how much Gross Income they havve made. Moreover you can see the sell through rate which is a good determining factor of their success rate. Start with this menu to make sure your research is optimal.


You have two plans to choose from, you can either pay monthly or in the one go paying yearly and get a 20% discount. The membership costs as less as INR 500 a month, and will make you at least 4 times (INR 2000) in additional profits. This is the minimum which you can expect. You can not only save money by stocking only what sells, but you can also make money by selling items which sell at a better price. A win win tool for you.

Need More Help

If you need more help please contact us and we will do our best to solve your questions. If you have a new feature request please do contact us and we will add that as well.