About Us

Analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer and product behavior on eBay

Who we are

Silver Shooting Star is a start up with focus on becoming the leader in ecommerce market analytics for eBay Sellers, dedicated to helping online merchants from e-bay and grow their business and become more profitable. Our job is to find why sells and present the data to you in a easy to understand manner. This data will help our customer with insights that can be used to discover new and emerging opportunities. We deliver market intelligence that is both meaningful and current.

What we do

Silver Shooting Star analyzes thousands of transactions every day in online space and generate meaningful data reports. This market intelligence helps online sellers from eBay maximize their business, resulting in increased margins, revenue, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

As the first analytics provider of eBay market data, we have helped many merchants make 100-200 sales in a single day when they were making just a few in a month.

Our Culture

Working at Silver Shooting Star is cool, but it isn’t for everyone. We are highly dedicated and detailed oriented people who just wish to make a useful product and provide excellent customer satisfaction to online sellers. If you have a strong desire to win and the will to succeed, join our team, please contact us now.